Treasure Hunting is an exciting monthly magazine packed with information and useful features to help you get the most out of the fascinating hobby of metal detecting.

From in depth features on amazing finds, as well as historical articles covering topics such as heraldry and coinage to help you in your search for lost treasure. We also have tests and reviews on metal detectors, clothing, equipment, competitions and more... !

Treasure Hunting magazine is a monthly magazine dedicated to the hobby of metal detecting. From first being published in 1977 the magazine has grown to become ‘The UK’s Number One Metal Detecting Magazine’. 

Each issue brings you all the latest news from the world of metal detecting, as well as the round-ups, reports and letters from clubs and metal detectorists across the UK.

We also have back issues of the magazine available to purchase as well along with a vast range of books relating 

julian evan-hart

The Editor

My interest in all things detecting grew out of several related hobbies and interests back in the mid-1970’s, including fossil collecting, history and archaeology. It wasn’t until around 1977 that I first got to use a detector, borrowed from a family friend – in the weeks that followed I became truly hooked! Back then I had no idea how my passion would flourish and what amazing paths the hobby would take me down. I became involved with excavating wartime aircraft crash sites (including a Zeppelin!) and even ended up in the dry, desolate deserts of Jordan looking for artefacts.

Over the decades I have written, or been involved with the publishing of some 17 books, all related to metal detecting. In 1998 I began writing articles for Treasure Hunting magazine and have never stopped – there was always a new find or something I wanted to share with others. In 2016 I was offered a position with the Treasure Hunting magazine team and became Editor shortly afterwards. Being able to combine my deep passion for detecting with my career is truly a dream come true! It has been, and will always be, an amazing privilege to be involved with so many fantastic people who share my love for this fantastic hobby.  

Julian Evan-hart

Adrian Gayler

Field Tester

I first found out about metal detecting when my late grandfather had a machine purchased for him from his son (my uncle) when serving in the RAF in the early '70s in America. I fondly remember my grandfather waving around this 'magic' type gadget in the field at the back of his house, watching with the rest of the family as a young child in deep anticipation on what 'if anything' it would find.

Over the years, I have been fortunate to own and review many machines and seen how the traditional PI and VLF technology has evolved to simultaneous frequency machines, which are now available. I love technology and thrive on learning the new features of detectors and seeing just how far they can go. Like so many others, I am lucky to find a hobby I genuinely love and have made some great friends along the way.

Adrian Gayler

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