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Denarii Hoard Delight
Darren Booth’s first ever Roman coin find turns
out to be part of a hoard.
Field Test – Garrett ACE Apex Adrian Gayler puts the latest machine
from Garrett through its paces on both farmland and the beach.
Roman Silver Hoard Igor Murawski recounts the tale of two friends who
helped a farmer find his wedding ring, which would ultimately lead them to
the best permission ever.
A Heap of Axe-Heads Dixie Dykes and his friend Tony search a stubble
field in Suffolk with spectacular results.
Going Solo Donna Martin ventures out on her own permissions in
Cambridgeshire and researches the history and folklore of some fascinating
Detecting up the Dale Barry Hardwick manages to secure a permission
on his mini-break in County Durham.
Detecting for Veterans Rally Gary Cook and Julian Evan-Hart take
a look at some of the stunning finds from the Ancaster rally held in
September 2020.
Collecting and Collections This second article of Gordon Bailey’s series
focuses on a field he began searching in the 1970s which would go on to
provide over a quarter of his entire collection.
Auction Round-Up A selection of lots sold at TimeLine Auctions’ recent
News and Views A look at this month’s news and stories from the world
of metal detecting, including some really unusual finds and a world record
sale price for a Celtic coin.
Reader Finds A round-up of some of our readers’ recent finds.
Celtic Coin Values Details and sale prices of some of the beautiful Celtic
coins sold by Chris Rudd Auctions in November 2020.



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**NEW NOV 2020**

The second book in the Finds Identified series, this volume focuses on dress fittings and ornaments, the most common artefacts found by metal detectorists. Beautifully illustrated, with thousands of photographs of over 1300 artefacts, this book provides an essential guide to identifying metal detecting finds.
As with the first book, the objects are organised on a thematic basis, with similar types shown together, allowing you to see how various types of artefacts have evolved through the ages.

Contents include:
Brooches, Pins & Bodkins, Buckles, Belt Clasps,
Strap Fittings, Belt Hooks & Purses, Girdle Hangers
& Chatelaines, Strap Ends, Button and Loop
Fasteners and Toggles, Sleeve Clasps, Hooked
Tags and Dress Hooks, Buttons and Cufflinks, Lace
Tags, Torcs and Necklaces, Beads, Pendants, Rings,
Bracelets and Finger Rings, Earrings, Spurs, Badges

300+ pages, A4, Hardback. 1,300+ artefacts
3,000+ colour photographs £30.00


This 3rd Edition of Benet's Artefacts has over 3000 photographs in full colour with all prices fully updated. 

This superb artefact identifier and price guide ranges from the Stone Age through to the Tudor period - Benet’s is the must have guide for identification & valuations. The prices quoted are based upon first hand knowledge and experience of the antiquities market as well as recent actual sale prices.
Contents include: Stone Age, Bronze Age, Celtic & Iron Age, Roman, Anglo Saxon, Viking, Norman, Medieval, Tudor and Post Tudor – with artefacts covering Axe heads, Spears, Swords, Daggers, Brooches, Pendants, Rings, Jewellery, Buckles, Horse Fittings, Pommels, Thimbles, Seals and many more.
Benet’s 3rd Edition - 3,000 images, A5, Hardback, 864 pages 2014
£30.00 - UK Post free!


Spink Coins of England and the United Kingdom 56th Edition 2021 (Pre decimal volume - Hardback)

Coins of England and the United Kingdom remains the only reference work which features every major coin type from Celtic to decimalisation in 1971 with accurate market values for every coin type listed.

It is an essential guide for beginners, serious numismatists and anyone interested in British Coinage. As with every new edition, all sections of the catalogue have been carefully checked by the specialists at Spink and the prices of the coins have been updated to reflect current market conditions.

The reference numbers used are recognized world-wide and are quoted by all of the leading auction houses and dealers.

Well illustrated in colour, listing every type and date of British coins from Celtic times to decimalisation in 1971.

Fully revised and updated. Valuations for up to three grades in British £.

Hardback, Pre Decimal volume, 210mm x 150mm, £30.00 - Published December 2020


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