Edward the Confessor Hoard Michael Heim unearths a small hoard of six rare Edward the Confessor coins in Cheshire.
Roman Buckles In this latest article in the series, Stuart Laycock looks at the buckles from around the 5th century, when Britain left the Roman Empire.
Identifying and Dating Pottery – Part 1 In this first instalment of a new series, Richard Hemery looks at some of the pottery sherds often found by metal detectorists and discusses the clues to look for to date them.
Criminal Mudlarking Finds Malcolm Russell researches some of his mudlarking finds, giving a fascinating insight into London’s murky past.
News and Views This month’s news and stories from the world of metal detecting includes two objects found in fragments months apart and pieced back together, several beautiful gold coins and two gold rings.
From D-Day to Present Day Tim Russell presents some of his finds having returned to metal detecting after a 15 year break.
Detecting in Estonia Gary Blackwell and some of his XP colleagues search for a long-lost Second World War bunker in Estonia.
Kimbo’s Rallies 2019 Julian Evan-Hart and Gary Smith take a look back at some of the great stories and finds from Kimbo’s September rallies.
Reader Finds A showcase of our readers’ recent finds.
My Story Read the inspirational story of Shaun Stocker, who has discovered the amazing benefits of metal detecting despite suffering serious injuries while serving in the army in Afghanistan.
Introducing Your FLO Becky Griffiths, Finds Liaison Officer for North and East Yorkshire, explains how she got interested in archaeology and talks through her five favourite finds.
Just 30 Days to Detect Kirk Bowman visits the UK for a month-long holiday and manages some beautiful finds on his old hunting grounds in Cornwall.
Auction Round-Up A selection of items sold at TimeLine’s recent auction.
Club Round-Up Some of the best items on the finds tables around the country this month.


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The Staffordshire Hoard

HARDBACK 640 pages £45
The Staffordshire Hoard: An Anglo-Saxon Treasure

The Staffordshire hoard was discovered by a metal detectorist in 2009 and consisted of over 3500 items, making it the largest collection of Anglo-Saxon gold and silver treasure ever found.

This beautiful new book tells the story of the hoard’s discovery, acquisition and the six-year research project that pieced its fragments back together, identified them and explored their manufacture. Key chapters discuss the decoration and meaning of the hoard’s intricate ornaments, the techniques of the Anglo-Saxon craftsmen, the religious and historical background together with the hoarding practice in Britain and Europe, to place this exceptional hoard in context.

The beautiful photographs and illustrations reconstruct the fragments to show how they would have originally been used.

640 pages, Hardback. £45.00

Coins of England 2020

Coins of England and the United Kingdom remains the only reference work which features every major coin type from Celtic to decimaisation in 1971 with accurate market values for every coin type listed.

It is an essential guide for beginners, serious numismatists and anyone interested in British Coinage. As with every new edition, all sections of the catalogue have been carefully checked by the specialists at Spink and the prices of the coins have been updated to reflect current market conditions.

The reference numbers used are recognized world-wide and are quoted by all of the leading auction houses and dealers.

Well illustrated in colour, listing every type and date of British coins from Celtic times to decimalisation in 1971.

Fully revised and updated. Valuations for up to three grades in British £.

Hardback, Pre Decimal volume, 210mm x 150mm, £30.00 - Published December 2019

Finds Identified

Possibly the most comprehensive finds identification book ever published.
An illustrated guide to metal detecting and archaeological finds.
The Team at the British Museum and the Portable Antiquities Scheme have spent years collating, identifying and photographing finds from the Stone Age through to the 20th century, and for the first time, this book pulls together a selection of the most interesting items in one beautiful volume. Lavishly illustrated with thousands of photographs, this book not only helps to identify the artefacts but puts them in context and offers detailed information on each object.


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