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News and Views A look at this month’s news and stories from the world of metal detecting, including the discovery of a unique Anglo-Saxon gold penny of Ecgberht found in Wiltshire, rumoured to be worth up to
Tales Behind the Tokens Adrian Marsden examines history behind some of the 17th Century tokens issued in Norwich.
The Hideaway Halfcrown
Barry Hardwick decides to auction off some of his coin collection, including a rare Charles I halfcrown.
A Hoard of Henries Levi Hussey finds a very unusual hoard of Henry III pennies.
A Stuart Silver Shilling John Keen finds a beautiful Charles I shilling on a new permission which leads to some interesting research.
Introducing the Finds Liaison Officers This month the spotlight falls on Teresa Gilmore, FLO for East Staffordshire and North West Midlands.
Caratacus Strikes Gold
Chris Rudd examines how recent discoveries and numismatic research are rewriting the story of Britain’s first famous royal family.
Shells and Seashells Pauline Neaum stumbles across a remarkable pile of ordnance on the North East Coast.
Reader Finds
A round-up of some of our readers’ recent finds.
Collecting and Collections Gordon Bailey recalls his experiences as a coin dealer in the 1950s through to his first forays with a metal detector in the 70s.
Doggerland Discoveries Matt Stevens and his friend John Craven discover a vast assemblage of flint tools on an East Anglian beach after some ‘sandscaping’ was carried out.
Celtic Coin Values Details and sale prices of some of the beautiful Celtic coins sold by Chris Rudd Auctions in July.


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The Staffordshire Hoard: An Anglo-Saxon Treasure

The Staffordshire hoard was discovered by a metal detectorist in 2009 and consisted of over 3500 items, making it the largest collection of Anglo-Saxon gold and silver treasure ever found.

This beautiful new book tells the story of the hoard’s discovery, acquisition and the six-year research project that pieced its fragments back together, identified them and explored their manufacture. Key chapters discuss the decoration and meaning of the hoard’s intricate ornaments, the techniques of the Anglo-Saxon craftsmen, the religious and historical background together with the hoarding practice in Britain and Europe, to place this exceptional hoard in context.

The beautiful photographs and illustrations reconstruct the fragments to show how they would have originally been used.

640 pages, Hardback. £45.00 UK post free

Britain's First Coins - Chris Rudd

Britain’s First Coins takes a fresh look at British iron age coins. It contains 300 coin photos, most greatly enlarged to aid identification. 

For about 150 years, Britons minted their own tribal coins until the Romans stopped them in AD 43. During this brief period, about 100 rulers of a dozen different tribes issues no fewer than 1000 different coins.

2000 years later, the imaginative imagery of these ancient British coins remains unsurpassed. This was Britain's golden age of daring coin design.

The book is a crisp and colourful introduction to a fascinating series of ancient coins. Read it and you’ll want to start collecting them.

Topics included:
– explanation of why these coins are British, not Celtic
– colour map of 13 coin issuing tribes
– where the largest hoards have been found and how many coins were in each
– illustrations of the differences between the nine denominations in gold, silver, bronze and potin
– how coins were minted and how forgers made gold-plated staters
– the 20 rarest types
– illustrations of how symbols on coins relate to symbols on other artefacts the first to hint at links with druidism
– seven ways to collect and the safest way to buy your first coins
56 pages - A5 Paperback (210 x 148mm)  £12.00 UK post free

Ancient British Coins - Chris Rudd

A big new Celtic catalogue with 2000 twice-size coin photos
An easy catalogue of the iron age coins of Britain– the coins of the Pritani (c.150 BC-c.AD 45) – compiled by Elizabeth Cottam, Philip de Jersey, Chris Rudd and John Sills from the 45,000 Pritanic coins recorded by the Celtic Coin Index at the Institute of Archaeology, University of Oxford

Never before have so many ancient British coins been so easy to identify, so easy to study, so easy to enjoy. Ancient British Coins catalogues 999 iron age coins, including 418 new types not shown by Van Arsdell in 1989. Ancient British Coins describes and dates them, gives up to six references for each, estimates their rarity and shows every coin twice actual size, so that its distinctive differences can be seen at a glance. ABC took
ten years to produce, has 256 fact-packed pages and contains 4000 superb coin photos, plus 500 other illustrations, diagrams, tables and maps.

Ancient British Coins is a picture book, not a lecture book. "ABC is a remarkable achievement" says Prof. Miranda Aldhouse-Green. "It manages to combine scholarship and accessible information in a volume whose every page is interesting and whose writing style makes it fun to use." ABC is a large hardback book (30 x 20 cm), light in style, heavy in weight (1.5 kgs) - "an indispensable aid to anyone wanting to identify British iron age coins" says Prof. Colin Haselgrove - worth every penny of its £75 UK POST FREE


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